I am a first-year PhD student in the Computer Science department at UCSD. My advisor is Mihir Bellare.

In September 2016, I received my Master degree in Computer Science at UCSB, advised by Stefano Tessaro. In December 2015, I graduated from the College of Creative Studies with B.S. in Computer Science and B.S. in Mathematics.


Information-Theoretic Indistinguishability via the Chi-Squared Method

with Viet Tung Hoang and Stefano Tessaro. Crypto 2017.


Statistical Methods in Cryptography

Master Thesis. College of Engineering, Unviersity of California Santa Barbara, Jun. 2016.

Randomness Extractors - An Exposition (pdf)

Senior Thesis. College of Creative Studies, University of California Santa Barbara, Oct. 2015. Also published in Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Math Journal (pdf). Vol. 17, Issue 1, 2016.