I am a research partner at 1kx, where I focus on research, development, and investment around zero-knowledge, cryptographic protocols, and blockchain infrastructure.

Recent Professional Bio

In 2022, I was a research partner at Bain Capital Crypto, working on sourcing and diligence of blockchain startups, as well as portfolio company support (e.g. Risc Zero and Nucleo), especially around zero-knowledge cryptography and protocol design.

Before that, I worked briefly as a Cryptographer for the Anoma project, contributing to the design of Taiga (a zero-knowledge framework supporting general state transitions) and Vamp-IR (a backend agnostic language for writing zero-knowledge circuits).

In December 2021, I obtained my PhD from UC San Diego, under the supervision of Mihir Bellare.

I have held numerous short-term summer research positions during my PhD: at NTT Research, working with Tatsuaki Okamoto and Go Yamamoto in 2021; at University of Washington, working with Stefano Tessaro in 2019; at Visa Research, working with Atul Luykx in 2018.

Before I started my PhD, I obtained my Masters at UCSB in 2016, under the supervision of Stefano Tessaro, shortly after obtaining B.S in Computer Science and B.S. in Mathematics from the College of Creative Studies at UCSB a year prior.

Disclaimer regarding name collisions

I am not the author of Crypto++ or inventor of b-money, nor am I working at Microsoft Research.